The Spending Monitor

This easy-to-use dashboard turns a simple prepaid debit card into something more. The spending monitor tracks activity on the True Link Card to proactively work to prevent fraud and suspicious activity before it even occurs.

Try It Now

  • Our easy-to-use dashboard lets you survey recent transactions and flag possible problems.
  • Allow or block categories of transactions with just a click.
  • The Spending Monitor lets you automatically block transactions over a set amount.
  • Receive automatic spending alerts on your phone.

Get started in 5 minutes

It takes just five minutes to apply for the True Link Prepaid Visa Card. There are no credit checks required and your information is secure and private. You can read all about our security policy here.

Once we approve your application, we’ll mail the card to the cardholder who can complete the set up. You can fund the card from a checking account or via direct deposit of Social Security or other pension.


Just $10 per month

You get all this protection and peace of mind for a monthly fee of $10.00. There is no charge when using the card to make purchases or to withdraw cash from the ATM in the U.S. Because it’s a prepaid debit card, there are no interest fees like those with a credit card. Plus there are none of the overdraft fees that can occur with regular debit cards.

Click here for a detailed description of all fees.


About True Link

Each year, elderly and cognitively impaired Americans lose billions of dollars due to innocent spending mistakes, fraudsters and rip-off artists. And unfortunately, the caregivers of these victims—most often their children—bear the brunt of correcting these mistakes. In fact, True Link was formed because the founder and CEO’s grandmother, Ruth, faced just such financial difficulties.

Our mission at True Link is to help preserve dignity, independence, and quality of life for seniors, safeguarding their ability to spend money in the face of fraud and spending mishaps. The True Link service offers added peace of mind to caregivers by providing them with an easy way to protect the financial well-being of their aging loved ones.